Luxembourg – Europe’s Instagram City


Coming back from a casual family vacation in Italy (sounding European af right now), we leave behind the streets of Milan and canals of Venice to find our car overflowing with suitcases, souvenirs and arguing siblings, all wrapped up in a vehicle with no air conditioning and a long way to go to reach the Euro-star back to the U.K.

Driving across Europe sounded beautiful on paper. In fact, it most definitely was beautiful. I remember seeing the mountains of Switzerland and gazing at the fields of greenery wedged along the French-German border. But with a car full of arguing family members and a dog that needed the bathroom, the experience wasn’t exactly to become a cherished memory… just yet.

Travelling towards Belgium, it was inevitable that we would soon find ourselves coming across more and more signs for the little and often forgot landlocked country of Luxembourg.

We had no intention of stopping in Luxembourg (who even knows what this place is) but once we had entered the country which borders Germany, France and Belgium, we had no choice but to get out and have a walk around. It was like a Van Gough painting.

We pulled up in Luxembourg City, which confusingly is the name of the Capital city in Luxembourg. Whether the country is even big enough to have any other cities, I don’t know. But what I do know is that Luxembourg was a hidden Instagram gem in central Europe.

You could easily tell that every building had so much history and unique European architecture. Think Downton Abbey (but not an abbey, British or in that time era) and you’ll have a good idea…


The paths were like those in Disneyland and there were huge bridges way above the ground leading into the city which you could easily picture the Hogwarts Express to come rolling across.

The day we arrived was a Sunday, so the city centre had been whipped up into a giant flea market. Full of old paintings, antiques and clothes – how could we resist? In the end we had to prevent ourselves from buying the whole market, although someone definitely didn’t get away with a cheeky pair of designer shoes for £5…

There’s not exactly much to do in Luxembourg for the active or party styled holidays, however you could easily get lost walking around and admiring the city for its culture and environment, not to mention the art exhibits and museums that were being advertised throughout the city.

Although I was there for only a day, I would definitely make it a stop on a future trip across Europe or even the next time I’m in a nearby country.

Luxembourg is very photogenic, a must see for those looking for the true European feel or those who need to spice up their IG account. Thanks again, Luxy.




Current Location: Tokyo, Japan



  1. Incredible – the photos really are amazing!
    Now Luxembourg is on my own travel list!

    Also i see your current location is Japan – recently got back from a trip there, so if you need any recommendations let me know!


      • Tokyo is super crazy – Shinjuku and Harajuk are super trendy and lively areas, so recommend them! But I think if you were to venture out, Kyoto and Mt Koya are my top recommendations!


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